SDM#070 – 24″ f/3.3

Owner: Graham Saunders, Tasmania
Primary: 24″ f3.3 and secondary from Mike Lockwood
Known As: “The Time Machine”
The build: Time Machine 2015 (pdf)
Graham Answers a few Questions:

What size mirror?

24”f3.3 Supremax mirror by Mike Lockwood. It’s a superb piece of glass

Did you request any modifications or additions to your scope?

I have the complete scope with all the goodies, it is world class, most likely the best available on the planet for a Dob. Nothing else in his bag of tricks is available.

Do you have the scope permanently setup or do you have to roll it out?

I roll it out, very easy set up

How easy is it to roll out, setup and collimate?

Collimation is a treat, you will be very impressed with the process and most likely collimate for fun!

How long does it take for the mirror to cool down and to produce sharp images?

The mirror cools very quickly in stable conditions, first light produced razor sharp images of Sirius and Sirius ‘B’

Will you be transporting your scope at any stage? If so, what will you be transporting it in?

I intend to take it to a star party in October and have no reservations about transportation in my 56 ford pickup.

Final remarks?

Keep in mind I have just taken ownership and only logged 3-4 hours at the EP. Peter’s skill and dedication to bring an exquisite product to his clients is second to none, although it takes a while for delivery there is no question you will be 110% ‘over the moon’ with your scope, cheers Graham