SDM#056 – 18″ f4.5

Owner: Garrin Taylor of Western Australia
Primary: 18” f/4.5 by Galaxy
Extras: Equipped with every extra
Garrin says: “Had the scope out for the first time tonight and the views were great considering I’m in the suburbs and the streetlight was only 10m away!

Omega Centauri filled the 13mm ethos and was sharp edge to edge. Great views of Mars and Jupiter (really do need to use filters though as they’re much too bright without), 47Tuc while washed out the core was resolved to individual stars. Orion was great with six stars in the trapezium easily seen, easily found the Eskimo, Blue Planetary and Eight Burst as well as the Sombero and the Spindle Galaxys – all in about 2 hours viewing.

All in all a good first outing 🙂 Thanks for a great instrument.”