SDM#006 – 20″ f/5

Owner: Ron Ziemiecki (New South Wales)
First loved by: Jonathan Bradshaw (Queensland)
Primary: 20” f/5 (99.1”) made by Vaughn Parsons of Intermountain Optics
Secondary: 3.5″ 1/30th wave Antares Optics
Extras: Fully loaded!
Known as:  Blackie

“I knew this scope was going to be awesome on DSO’s, but I just can’t believe the incredible detail it brings out on planets; and even at 500x the movement is smooth enough to hand track. Simply stunning.” JB

“I was delighted to take stewardship of Blackie, as I realise it will outlast me and go on to a new owner in time. The wondrous images I have seen through this optical masterpiece is more than I had hoped for and the pinnacle of my lifelong love affair with astronomy.” RZ