SDM#076 – 29.3″ F4.4 Folded

Owner: Rob Bruce, Vic
Primary: 29″ f4.4 Coulter

Mirror is an old Coulter 29.3″ x 1.5″ thick. Secondary is 10″ and tertiary is 5″. This was a major undertaking and took 6 months to build. The main advantage of a folded scope is the eyepiece is much lower with an eyepiece height at zenith at just 1.8meters. Scope is transported in an LDK customised scope trailer 8’x5’x5′

Rob reports he has been trying to catch some views between clouds and rain. “I saw a major storm coming and I had the scope wheeled into the shed and safely under cover within a few minutes”. Collimation is challenging but quite do-able….mostly done by eyeballing…the laser can’t “see” the primary so is only of use on the final step of aligning the  tertiary.