Australian telescope suppliers: Andrews, BinTel, Star Optics and Sirius.


Obsession Telescopes is where it started; Wildcard Innovations is the home of the ArgoNavis digital setting circles; ServoCat will turn your push-to into a go-to add JMI and Feathertouch are great for focusers. If you ever wondered where those wired stalks and shelfs come from, try Markless Astronomics; Charlie Starks supplies them and is a top bloke – say hi from us!
Astrosystems make dew suppression systems, secondary holder and spider, laser collimators; Kendrick make dew suppression systems and laser collimators; Scopestuff have lots of good stuff and Astro Domes make fine observatory domes for astronomers.

For those who may wish to see things at the other extreme: AUNET SCIENTIFIC based in Perth Western Australia offers Digital Microscopes for all applications.

Second hand stuff can be found listed at Gecko Optical.

And don’t miss Spacetime who are bringing science and astronomy based services to schools and communities across WA.


Gilgandra Observatory


Visit Queensland Astrofest and we will deliver your SDM scope there!

Great web sites

Ice-In-Space is the premier Australian and NZ web site and forum; Cloudy Nights gives great equipment reviews and forum discussions and Universe Today is a good place for astronomy news and a discussion forum.

Information sources

Information on telescopes Advice on Collimation as optical collimation of your telescope is critical! Notes on Eyepieces Telescope Myths Optical Definitions

Astrophotography with a Dobsonian

Look – here, and here, and here and if you are really interested in astro-imaging check out this site and there are even more Links on the Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group website. Not to mention here!

And a lovely guide from Charles Wade: