SDM#026 – 14.5″ f/4.5

Owner: Norman and Amanda Fong, NSW
Style: Classic
Primary: 14.5″ f/4.5 by Terry Ostahowski

Norman Says: “This is a testimonial to the commitment and quality that comes with purchasing an SDM scope. After acquiring my 14.5” f/4.5 classic I am pleased to say that the craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. 

Peter prides himself in building the best scopes around and each one is carefully configured and tested methodically before delivery. The fit and finish is simply superb.

These scopes look daunting and intimidating, but believe me both setup and use is simple. From complete breakdown to setup you’re looking at realistically no more than 10mins. Don’t be daunted by its size or looks.

Obviously the big test comes with visual use and it is here that the scope excels.  Movements in both azimuth and altitude are spot on. M42, Omega Centuari, The Jewel Box and Eta Carina were mind boggling – crisp, sharp and pinpoint – and that’s from light polluted Sydney skies!

The functionality, movement and components are precise and robust; you don’t need kid gloves to use these scopes.

Peter and his wife Kim provide the friendliest service possible and make you more than welcome when its time for collection of your scope. Without reservation, I am absolutely pleased I went down the SDM path. This will be a scope for keeps!!!

I am more than happy to vouch for Peter’s workmanship and knowledge.

Kind Regards,
Norman Fong”