About SDM

Hi… My name is Peter Read and I live near Shepparton in north-central Victoria.

My wife and I built our house, workshop and gardens on 2 acres of land and most days you’ll find me building scopes… BIG scopes.

I love BIG Dobsonians – as long as they are well made. They give awesome views of the heavens, are easy to use and are very quiet.

If you’re thinking of a BIG scope, then you already know that “Size DOES Matter”.

I build a limited number of scopes each year and aim to make scopes that are “as good to look at as they are to look through”.

Each scope comes complete with:

  • Your choice of mirror from the worlds best opticians
  • Enhanced coatings
  • All marine ply construction
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • 6 coats of 2 pack polyurethane
  • 18 point mirror cell on 12” – 28” scopes
  • 27 point mirror cell on 30” – 40″ scopes
  • Super stiff focuser board
  • Feathertouch focuser
  • Mirror fan
  • Laminar fan
  • Metal side bearings
  • Ebony Star on Teflon bearing surfaces
  • Quick action 1 person set up
  • Dew heaters
  • Ripstop nylon light shroud
  • Telrad
  • Argo Navis or Nexus DSC
  • 10K or 32K or custom ultra-high resolution (20 – 60x higher res) Renishaw encoders (at a significantly higher cost)
  • Wired stalk and shelf
  • Split system stainless wheelie handles
  • Heavy duty carry cases for secondary cage and poles
  • Heavy duty stalk and accessory case

SDM Scopes can be customised to suit your needs, and I can uniquely offer local Australian product support to keep your SDM creation working perfectly.