SDM#063 – 18″ f/5.5

Owner: Mike and Tracy Scarf
Primary: 18” f/5.5 Galaxy (20 years young)
Extras: Maxed out.

1 thought on “SDM#063 – 18″ f/5.5

  1. Hi Pete.

    This scope is now in Canada. The last night of observing in Australia I shared with my 12-year old boy (May 2017). Would you believe, we had the clearest night ever (greater Sydney area). Stunning views of Jupiter, with clear detail within the GRS. Moons as small discs. Highest mag was with my Delos 10mm, 250x.

    As previously mentioned I’ve also seen some tricky targets from this location and with this instrument:
    (a) Split Antares (bluish-green companion), but have to time it so fainter companion does not fall on a diffraction spike!
    (b) Phobos and Deimos. Very challenging. Used 17mm Ethos, and shifted Mars just outside the eyepiece field. Confirmed the moon locations using Stellarium.

    Now looking for a good deep sky observing sight in Ontario, CAN.


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