Big in Dubai!

In a land where only the finest is good enough and in a city where stands the tallest building in the world, it seems only fitting that the magnificent SDM#099 had found its home.


This outstanding 18? f/4 is finished to the highest standard with every conceivable extra to ensure that the exquisite optic from Mike Lockwood performs to its best.

It’s wearing the ultimate in technology too, with ServoCat, 32k encoders and the very latest astronomical brain – the Nexus DSC.

Add first light from its new owner, Stefan Zietara:” … It was full of detail and fabulous contrast. I stopped down on the EP and the image went into 4K!  Highest definition I’ve experienced in any scope, refractor included. Mega Happy Chap!! Wow! …”

Read the full report when you visit Zeus.


2 thoughts on “Big in Dubai!

  1. Congratulations, Stefan. Great to read your report. Your telescope looks really NICE! Peter is doing mine next.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your kind words. I love it!
      Peter mentioned your scope when visiting us. You won’t be disappointed. I think he’s also keen to visit NZ when delivering the scope to you.
      Let me know how it goes.
      Best wishes

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