SDM Observing Chairs

Flinders Ranges 255Peter is just back from delivering the fantastic SDM#049, complete with custom trailer, to its owner John Anderson from Darwin. This 18″ beauty with superb Carl Zambuto primary was dropped off in the Flinders Ranges, a mere day and a half’s drive for Peter and more than double that for John.

But as a reward for all those K’s, the team were thrilled with spectacular views and Peter, pictured here, found an observing chair befitting of the SDM Name!

1 thought on “SDM Observing Chairs

  1. Hi Peter, SDM #19 is still going strong. A couple of questions. How much for a feathertouch focuser? Also, should I upgrade my Argo Navis software? I have downloaded version 3.0.1 but Argo Navis is working fine at the moment. Hope you are well.
    Kind Regards,
    Brett Henry

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