SDM Observing Chairs

Flinders Ranges 255Peter is just back from delivering the fantastic SDM#049, complete with custom trailer, to its owner John Anderson from Darwin. This 18″ beauty with superb Carl Zambuto primary was dropped off in the Flinders Ranges, a mere day and a half’s drive for Peter and more than double that for John.

But as a reward for all those K’s, the team were thrilled with spectacular views and Peter, pictured here, found an observing chair befitting of the SDM Name!

One thought on “SDM Observing Chairs

  1. Hi Peter, SDM #19 is still going strong. A couple of questions. How much for a feathertouch focuser? Also, should I upgrade my Argo Navis software? I have downloaded version 3.0.1 but Argo Navis is working fine at the moment. Hope you are well.
    Kind Regards,
    Brett Henry

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